Skittles vodka


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I've done it before. The orange goes great with orange soda. You will not taste the alcohol at all. My wife gave it to her brother without telling him. He did not notice. *DISCLAIMER* I do not condone this. But it was funny.

There is also another similar recipe floating around, not sure if I still have it. I call the stuff Grampa's Cough Syrup, since it tastes like cough syrup. But it is made by using red hots, some cayenne peppers and a few other things mixed in with vodka.


That search bar comes in handy doesn't it Wild?

Something tells me that the people who make Skittles didn't rally have this use in mind when they invented it. That's the thing about Vodka though it seems, everyone is always concocting new flavors.


Wow, that is crazy. The dyes make for some very pretty looking vodka, though, especially for a party.

Jason, I've heard the "you don't taste the alcohol" claim so many times, and I always taste it.


I plan on trying this really soon, though. I'm skeptical on the not tasting the alcohol claim, too, but I have to at least try it once. Plus, I think an assortment of these would make a beautiful gift basket.


I thought of this thread last night. My husband had been eating Skittles and I guess he dropped one. When he stood up, it was stuck to his behind!